Tutoring Options


Deanís Learning Center offers three different means of service. The first is a classroom structure located at our learning center (Full Time Student), the second is Reading Plusģ Online (Remote Student), and the third option is a combination of the two (Commuting Student). Our schedule recommendation is the same for each type of service. It is recommended that every Deanís Learning Center student complete forty Guided Readingsô within their suggested number of sessions (approximately 30 sessions). Our tutors, all New Jersey Certified teachers, are experts in the Reading Plusģ program and in each tutoring option. With each structure, the keys to success are schedule, motivation and monitoring. The tutors will review each studentís records at least twice a week to ensure that they are completing an adequate number of lessons, progressing at an acceptable rate and provide them with positive reinforcement and motivation. The guardians and school personnel of each student will receive monthly progress reports and a final report summarizing the studentís accomplishments in Reading Plusģ while at Deanís Learning Center.


Full Time Students:

            Students that attend Deanís Learning Center for all of their sessions are called Full Time Students. These students will complete the recommended sessions at the center on predetermined days and times under the supervision of their assigned tutor.

Deanís Learning Center is located in Cape May Court House, New Jersey. If the centerís location in Cape May County is too far from your school district, then we can work out other possible locations. If applicable, we can rent space in one of your school buildings, the local library, recreation center and/or other options. In this instance, Full Time Students will attend the assigned location for the tutoring sessions instead of Deanís Learning Center. Likewise, we will look to hire and train qualified teachers from your vicinity.


Remote Students:

Reading Plusģ Online is a web-based program/courseware that can be accessed by any compatible computer that has a high-speed Internet connection. Therefore, our Remote Students can work on the program at home, the public library or anywhere with Internet access. The Remote Students have the following defined schedule of contact. Initially, students attend Deanís Learning Center for their assessment, consultation and introduction to the Reading Plusģ programs. If the center is located too far from the student, then other arrangements can be made. A schedule is set to confirm that the student is committed to working on the course at a predetermined day and time. Students and their guardian are provided with Internet Instructions that enable them to work from home, including username, password, class, site code and contact information. After completing a few lessons in each program, the assigned tutor will follow up with the student and their guardian. Using the preferred method, via phone or email, the tutor will maintain weekly contact to confirm progress, clarify any necessary program or level adjustments, gauge studentís comfort level, answer questions and check schedule requirements.


Commuting Students:

            Our Commuting Students receive a combination of the two above services, attend Deanís Learning Center (or assigned location) once a week and work remotely for the remaining sessions of that week. Students and their guardian will be provided with Internet Instructions, including username, password, class, site code and contact information. The assigned tutor will remain the same individual while at the center and monitoring remotely. A predetermined schedule will be set to accommodate the needs of the student and tutor.