2007-2008 NJ Department of Education Approved

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider


The reading programs that Dean's Learning Center utilizes have helped millions of people improve their reading skills.  Now, let us help your child!


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While reading, if your child has one or more of the following:

·       Lacks comprehension (has difficulty remembering what they just read)

·       Gets tired when reading

·       Takes a long time to complete written tasks & homework

·       Has trouble concentrating/focusing while reading

·       Lacks study skills

·       Dislikes reading & rarely reads for pleasure

·       Lacks fluency (has slow & labored reading)

·       Says words aloud while reading silently

·       Has trouble decoding (sounding out) words

·       Suffers from headaches due to reading

·       Has inadequate vocabulary

·       Has low self-esteem

Then, Dean’s Learning Center is the RIGHT choice for YOU!!!


At Dean’s Learning Center, ALL students will:

be assessed using two unique tools:

·       Reading Placement Appraisal™ (determines independent reading level, silent reading rate & vocabulary level)

·       Visagraph™ (determines reading fluency & speed)

work on a reading program tailored to their INVIDIDUAL needs while improving fluency (reading rate), comprehension, vocabulary, phonemic awareness and phonics

use a computer to work on the reading program at least 2 times a week for 45 minutes per session (complete 40 Guided Readings™)

receive motivation & positive reinforcement from their assigned instructor

receive monthly progress reports

increase their reading rate at least 50% from his or her starting rate


With an average of thirty-two sessions per student, our students experienced an average increase of 198 words per minute with an average increase of 3.64 reading grade levels.